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I was talking to a wise, dear friend this morning briefly before we started our work day. I have been struggling with some feelings lately, and today I sort of let them just burst out. This was the closest I’ve come to a temper tantrum in years. My post is a vague one since I can’t really elaborate on what I’m going through just yet. All I can tell you is that I’ve been feeling someway about something and just repeatedly not wanting to do it.

My friend gave me some great advice, she said these emotions are just a confirmation that this particular thing isn’t meant for me and that it isn’t truly what I want. Aha! Deep down I know this, there just isn’t anything I can do, yet. I have to let this certain area of my life run it’s course. This is where patience kicks in. Oh the great art of practicing this virtue. It takes time and effort, and tests, lots of tests.

I usually get small lessons, like having to wait in line or at a red light, or getting stuck behind a car who likes to drive slower than I prefer. Every now and then the Universe will throw a larger trial of perseverance my way. Like the situation that I am currently in. One thing that always remains the same is no matter how long I might think something will take it actually comes and goes pretty quickly.

I once lost my license for 18 months. When I first received that news I remember thinking it would take foreverrrr, and it did while I was in it. I’ve had it back now for over two years and I honestly can’t even remember what it was like to wait for it. It’s funny how that works. When we’re removed far enough from that point in time it’s almost as though it never existed.

Patience has always fascinated me. Growing up I had none. Zero, zilch, nada. Over the past few years I’ve started to notice it working in my life. I’ve been able to appreciate it more.

I looked up the definition online, there it is right in front of me, layed out so eloquently.

“the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”

That’s what I’ll be practicing for a little while because let’s be honest I could always use some work in the patience department. I need to remember that nothing lasts forever, these feelings will come and go. They are temporary. I won’t always get what I want when I want it. And I can’t forget the sage old advice, good things come to those who wait.

Do you have any specific situation testing your patience right now? Leave it in the comments and we can chat about it.

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I’ve always struggled with patience. I’ve become better at it but there are still times where impatience wins out. It is always something I’m trying to practice. When I feel myself getting impatient I will usually try and switch the narrative. Because really, when we are impatient we are making it about us. WE have to be somewhere. Okay, well, so do the 10 cars behind me. Or I take it as a lesson that my patience is still a work in progress.

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