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Welcome to Positive Aggressive, where positive thinking meets intentional living. Join me on this journey to living my best positive life! I am an eternal optimist plagued by bouts of negativity. Navigating through the feelings and situations that we experience in life.

This blog has been 10 + years in the making. I’ve always wanted to start one but I’ve never really had a title or concrete idea. Until now. I have to credit the name of this blog to my sister, Danielle. One night I posted back to back positive memes on Facebook, this is not unusual for me. So Danielle commented¬† “Sister, you’re being very positive aggressive tonight.”

Positive Aggressive. I immediately messaged her and said “That’s it, you’ve found it! I love that saying! You have to make mugs and t-shirts and whatever else you can print #positiveaggressive on.” She wasn’t interested, this was good news for me.

The very next day the only thing I thought about was Positive Aggressive. I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head. Recently I’d been listening to a podcast all about women who quit their jobs and followed their creative passions, some of whom started blogs.

And while I’m not quite ready to take that leap of faith, I am ready to follow two of my passions (because I have several). One of them being writing and the other is sharing my experiences.

This is not your typical “About Me” profile. My posts will give you the chance to get to know the real me. I wanted to use this space to share how this blog came into fruition and that my only hope is to build a community where we can share our experiences openly and grow on this journey of positive aggressive living together!

I love to feature Guest Bloggers, if you would like to share a certain experience on this site, please message me for details.


My first blog was the free version on WordPress, you can view those posts by clicking “Old Posts” on the navigation bar.