gratitude comes in many different shapes, sizes and foot cramps?

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In the recent years I’ve discovered that gratitude can come in many different shapes and sizes. I’ve learned to recognize gratitude in various situations that have been placed before me. Sometimes it’s obvious, and sometimes it isn’t. The obvious being, I’m grateful for my relationship, my family, my friends, the roof over my head, my job, my fur babies, running water, my car, the list goes on and on. It’s the not so obvious that takes me by surprise.

A week or two ago I awoke in the middle of the night with a writhing pain in my foot. Just like that I had one of those foot cramps where you could feel everything knotted up. I felt it in my toes, right back to my heel. The arch had it the worst, it was like my tendons were intertwined and coiled up. The pain was unbearable. I jumped out of bed and started walking around. This usually helps with foot cramps, not this time. I moved on to the bathroom hoping the cool tile would feel good against my foot. It didn’t.

I went and paced around the hallway some more, but no relief. Finally I dropped to the floor, I sat there hunched over, massaging my foot, tears streaming down my face. I wondered how long this torture would last. As I sat there miserable and defeated something washed over me. I suddenly thought to myself “At least I have a foot to get a foot cramp”. I started to feel grateful for a foot cramp! Like what??? This is not my normal thinking. With this thought I began to calm down. I began focusing on my breath. I started to relax. There were no more tears. A few minutes had passed and so did the foot cramp.

I sat there in amazement, thanking God and The Universe for blessing me with gratitude in a situation that I wouldn’t normally acknowledge. I still feel the power from that moment now as I’m writing this almost two weeks later. The Universe continues to place opportunities for improvement on my journey. Just one more thing I am grateful for.

Do you have a story where you surprisingly found gratitude in a situation? I want to hear from you! Please share it below in the comments.

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