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So I’m not sure if this is a term or not but I’ve deemed myself a “pod hopper” in relation to the way that I listen to podcasts. There are people out there who can start with episode 1 and work their way up the list. I am not one of them. I like to scroll through the titles and choose what applies to me in that moment or whatever might sound interesting that very second. So far it’s been working out well for me.

I’ve only just recently discovered these bits of magic. It all started when I noticed that listening to Led Zeppelin would ignite some serious road rage in me. Queue “Immigrant Song”. As much as I love music it was no longer calming me on my commute. I somehow got caught up in what other cars were doing and I would get very angry about it. My commute is in a busy-ish city and can take anywhere from 40-50 minutes long depending on traffic. I decided that this was not a great way to start my morning. Around that same time I started to notice that I was feeling unfulfilled in my current career. These were two problems staring me in the face that needed a solution. Enter podcasts. I’ve heard the term thrown around by many people without really knowing what they were.

So I decided to give these internet radio show thingys a try. I started by typing “happiness” or “gratitude in the search bar. I figured they were opposites of road rage and unfulfillment so I began there. I found a series called “The Vibrant Happy Women” podcast by Dr. Jen Riday. There’s an array of helpful information that can be found here. Listening to this show helped me combat the issues arising in my life.

Another show that made a lasting impression on me is Goal Digger. This show is hosted by a woman named Jenna Kutcher. She has an inspiring story about chasing dreams and working hard to achieve them. She interviews women who have beaten the odds, women who turned their passions into lucrative careers. Jenna shares about her life and the adversity that she has faced. How she continued her business through tragedy. She genuinely wants to help other women succeed, it’s a beautiful thing.

Goal Digger then lead me to the Rise podcast hosted by Rachel Hollis. I began seeing Rachel’s book “Girl Wash Your Face” all over social media. I didn’t read it yet but I have been listening to her show a lot lately. She is similar to Jenna where she interviews people who have defied the norm. People who shot for the stars and catapulted into another dimension. I love listening to these feel good, inspiring journeys about men and women who rose to accomplish their wildest dreams.

I don’t know what took me so long to jump on the podcast bandwagon, but now I can’t imagine life without them. Everyday is a new adventure, I never know who or what I will come across. It definitely makes for a better commute and an over all better life, in my humble opinion.

What are some podcasts that you can’t live without?

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