my love letter to creativity

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Where do I start? I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember, but it hasn’t always been easy. You were there for me from day one, blending with my imagination, creating a world of wonder. I can’t think of the exact moment that you came into my life but for me I’d guess it’s that time during childhood where creativity is cultivated. That time in life when everyone around me was teaching me about the magic this world has to offer. When someone handed me a crayon for the first time and I watched in amazement at the swirls I made on that blank piece of paper.

Just like that you began to grow. You started playing a major role in my life. I would bring home macaroni designs that I glued onto construction paper in pre-school. Or hand prints made of paint that we turned into some sort of animal. Little by little new ideas were presented to me by the people who cherished my growth. I think we all start out as tiny creative beings, then somewhere along the way our minds shift and change. There are analytical minds out there that are perfectly crafted to understand complex scenarios. Minds out there that can wow people in a courtroom, or a board room. Some that are capable of running multi billion dollar companies, or performing open heart surgeries and then there are some that just appreciate the simple things in life.

You have never left me, I have a creative mind. In fact, you bubble up every few years. I have tried many times to sweep you under the rug. I’ve tried to pretend like you’re not coursing through my veins. I’ve told myself lies, lies that I actually believed. Through it all you stayed. You lead me to my love for photography, and followed me to New York City. You helped me to create feather earrings, and to write a screen play. You taught me to fall in love with abstract painting and to appreciate the mixture of colors. You brought me here to explore my love for writing and positive thinking.

Last year I made a promise to you. I promised to stop believing the lies, to stop believing that I can’t be successful and creative. To stop believing that you won’t help me achieve my wildest dreams. I really started to see you as a part of me, an extension of my soul. I’m sorry for always pushing you away and treating you like a childish part of myself. You have been one constant that has never left my side. For you I am truly grateful, you have guided me through some of the darkest times of my life. You have also brought joy to me in so many countless ways. I can never repay you but I can start by saying thank you, and I can continue by honoring my promises.

Love always,


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