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The phrase vibe higher was in my head from the moment I woke up today. I’ve been vibing at a particularly low frequency lately. It’s not constant, I’d say it’s more like a roller coaster. Up and down, all around, there are some loops and corkscrews in there too. High to low to high again, then repeat. Woo what a thrill!

One of my goals in life is to get to a place where I am constantly vibing at a high frequency. I believe that I will get there one day. I have this image of myself sitting high atop a mountain overlooking the sea, I have long gray hair that blows in the wind. I’m just sitting there silently. Nothing bothers me, nothing penetrates my bubble. Hard work and practice, years of practice will get me to that place. I’m buckled in, ready to experience this roller coaster for all that it is.

I turned to Google this morning to find articles about vibing high. Surrounding myself with tips and suggestions from all sorts of people. Spent the morning with my coffee and my thoughts. I visualized myself experiencing only good things. Then I had to start cleaning. For anyone who really knows me, you know that I loathe cleaning. I consider it a necessary evil. I envy people who love to clean. Yes there are people out there like that, I know many of them actually. I love when things are tidy but it just isn’t my jam. It’s a mixture of my laziness, my severe back pain and the fact that I’d rather be doing anything else that keeps me from cleaning regularly.

To counterbalance my displeasure I popped on a podcast. Recently I’ve been listening to Rachel Hollis’ Rise podcast. She has a wildly popular book out called Girl Wash Your Face. I haven’t read it yet, it’s on my list, however her podcast is certainly changing my life. I refer to myself as a pod hopper. I don’t start at the first episode and work my way up the list. Instead I jump around and see what sounds the most intriguing, the episode that can best help me. Today I found one titled: Enough Excuses: Here’s How to Finally Start Your Own Business from (Almost) Nothing. This episode features a woman named Darbie Angell. This was perfect for me because I am slowly working on turning Positive Aggressive into a brand.

In less than 20 minutes I was captivated by Darbie’s story. Her mission spoke to my soul and her perseverance and determination should not go without mention. She started her own business after being sentenced to bed rest half way through her pregnancy. She came up with a way to finance a company all on her own. From the sound of it she didn’t really take no for an answer, and she just got shit done. I have come across many women like this over the past few months, women who inspire me to follow my dreams. Women who turn their dreams into a successful reality. Success to me is doing something that makes you happy and brings you financial freedom. Notice what came first in that sentence. Doing what makes you happy.

I decided to share this morning’s findings on my Instagram. I wrote a post thanking Rachel for having Darbie as a guest, and thanking Darbie for sharing her incredible journey. Not only did Darbie respond but she put my post on her story! My heart jumped with absolute joy. I was not expecting anything like that to happen. I truly believe this manifested because I started my day by practicing and visualizing high vibes only. Like attracts like. We have the ability to create our dreams. So just go for it! Put yourself out there. Vibe higher.

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Liz Comiski
Liz Comiski

That’s amazing Sarah!! I believe all your dreams will come true ! Vibe higher 🌟

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